Cooling large industrial buildings presents unique challenges. Seeley International's latest cooling innovation, the Coolair EnviroMagic, answers all of those challenges!

Product Features

Pemsaturi corrosion proof cabinet:

cabinet A Coolair casing will not corrode or rust. The UV stabilised structural polymer material is the same type used to make acid baths. battery cases and some space satellite components.

This Coolar range comes with side. down and top air discharge cortgisatons w sut every appicaton.

Tornados Puny: the perfect pump for Om job

At last. a pump that will last! The Tornado pump. designed. manufactrea and tested by Elteezar. is your guarantee of reliability. The pump features very safe material choices. encapsulated motor with overload cutout. stainless steel shaft. bearings fully protected from water and a marvellous impact.stan feature that will overcome any tendency for tna pump to be locked up wrh residue during prolonged off periods. The strong synchronous motor has constant speed independent of voltage 'Wowed:11s and runs very cool.

Centrifugal Fan: super powerful and quiet fan

The beter the fan. tna more efficient tna system. Centrifugal fans are the first choice of air conditioning engineers worldwide. The Cool°, forward curved. centrifugal fans are made from a-Omen moulded polypropylene. They are dottle width. double Inlet. therently statically and dynamically balanced. with aerofoil blades to provide high pressure performance at very low noise levels.

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